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All purchasers will be supplied with a puppy folder for their puppy which will include:

1.  AKC and UKC (where applicable) registration papers, copies of any titles on parents.

2.  Certificate of pedigree.

3.  Written guarantee which covers Hip Dysplasia for 2 years and 2 months (from date of birth). Written guarantee which covers hereditary eye disease for 1 year (from date of birth).  Written guarantee which covers initial health guarantee for 72 hours (from the time of purchase) which gives you time to have your new puppy vet checked.  If a puppy is found to be unhealthy within the specified time we will issue to purchaser a replacement puppy from the same litter if possible or from a future litter that may become available, or on hip & eye guarantee, after sufficient proof has been supplied from OFA and CERF and proof stating the original puppy has been spayed or neutered.  In the case of a breeding/show puppy, the hip, elbow  and eye guarantees will be voided if owner breeds animal before two years of age and/or  before proper certifications for hip/elbows/eyes are obtained.  Also the hip, elbow and eye guarantees will be voided in the evidence of owner recklessness (i.e. dog being kept over weight, suspected inattentive injuries that a vet deems due to an impact injury, owner induced injuries, breaks to the femur, unilateral dysplasia, dislocations, etc. or eye injures due to blunt force trauma and/or lacerations).

4.  Health records which will show all inoculations and de-wormings administered to the specific puppy being purchased.  Along with the date, product used, reason for giving and a schedule of the next inoculations required for maintaining a healthy puppy.

5.  A picture of the sire and dam.  Pictures of grandparents, and further back  when available.

6.  Recommendations on feeding, health care, training, house breaking, etc.

7.  A supply of food for the puppy until purchaser is able to obtain more and a feeding schedule.

8.  A copy of AKC standards, titles explanation and information on OFA and CERF.

9.  We no longer tattoo puppies as a means of permanent identification.  We are now microchipping all of our dogs.  In order for us to offer each purchaser a full written guarantee on their puppy, each puppy must be permanently identified with a microchip before it leaves our kennel.   If the purchaser elects not to have this service we can not provide a written guarantee.  The microchip starts out registered in our name (because we purchased it and implanted it).  You must  transfer the microchip to your name, we can do this at my home with the pre paid form from HomeAgain ( www.homeagain.com ) , this cost is included in your purchase price. (If you do not transfer the microchip to your name we will be notified if your dog is found, not you, the new owner).    If you can not be found when called about the microchip and then after showing reasonable means of contacting the purchaser and exhausting all efforts we shall regain ownership of the puppy.  If, after we regain ownership of the puppy and the purchaser contacts us, we will return the puppy after the purchaser reimburses us for the costs to regain possession of the puppy.  If purchaser never contacts us within 90 days we will find a new pet home for the puppy.

10.  Because of the variety and differing quality of dog foods available (and all canine illness are NOT covered by vaccination), we require that all C-Chase’s Labradors dogs be kept on “NuVet Plus Canine” throughout the longest guarantee period.  This nutritional supplement is only available through breeder recommendation.  You will be instructed concerning this when you take possession of your puppy.  You are expected to have this on hand before you leave our kennel, you may order or you may purchase when you pick the puppy up from our home.  The order phone number is : 1-800-474-7044.  Your order code is #03877.  Web address is: www.nuvet.com  The order line hours are 8 am – 6 pm Pacific time, NuVet Labs sends us a monthly report on which C-Chase’s Labradors are being supplemented with NuVet Plus Canine.  IF YOUR PUPPY IS NOT KEPT ON NUVET PLUS CANINE WE WILL NOT HONOR ANY OF OUR GUARANTEES.  A brochure will be provided in your puppy folder.

Puppies are born in our home and moved to our kennel at an appropriate age, weather permitting, to learn how to navigate a doggie door and learn to potty outside and not inside.  Puppies are socialized and cared for many times each day.  We do not have small children any more around our puppies but a constant borage of teenagers playing with the puppies.  Starting at four to five weeks of age puppies are introduced to birds/wings and each is evaluated for birdiness, conformation and temperament as well as breeding and companion qualities, this continues until the day they leave for new homes.

At three or four days of age dew claws may or may not be removed (This changes with the intent for the litter.) for hunting and show purposes. Puppies are ready to leave at 7 1/2 to 8 weeks of age after they have been properly weaned from their dam.  Occasionally, litters are weaned earlier yet puppies will still not be ready to leave until at least seven weeks of age.  Before leaving each puppy will have a final physical examination with a vet.  If at any time you have a question or problem with your puppy please feel free to call and we will attempt to help in any way.  We request that all owners keep us informed on their puppy.  We are interested in the final out come of our breeding program and would appreciate any pictures and notifications on progress.  If for any reason the owner finds it necessary to place the  puppy purchased from us we reserve the right of being given first option to take the dog back.   The purchaser agrees not to sell or transfer their puppy purchased from us to any person or firm connected with the sale or resale of dogs, a pet shop, puppy mill, or animal broker of any kind.    This puppy will not be surrendered to a shelter.  We will be happy to take the puppy back, if at all possible, if you are not interested in keeping it.  We are here throughout the life of the dog.

To reserve a puppy from a current litter or planned breeding we require a minimum deposit of $200.00 ($500.00 for show/breeding prospects).  It is imperative that you reserve as soon as possible in order to get the puppy of your choice.  Most of our puppies are spoken for before the litter ever gets here, so the sooner the better.  All reservations are considered "pending" until we receive the deposit, at which time we will confirm your reservation by phone or e-mail.  The deposit will be refunded if for any reason we are unable to furnish you with a puppy from the specific sire and dam  or the sex and color specified, or you can transfer to another litter, however;  the deposit is non-refundable for cancellations of deposit on the purchasers part for any reason, but can be transferred to a future litter.  Once a purchaser enters the transfer to another litter category the deposit is non-refundable but always transferable. 

When shipping a puppy by airline we will make all proper arrangements and obtain a current health certificate for travel (purchasers cost for health certificate $50).  If you are unfamiliar with shipping then please call us and we will be happy to discuss this subject and answer any questions that you may have.  We properly crate condition any puppy that is to be shipped and we charge a $100.00 fee for travel expenses to the airport and time involved.  All other fees will be the responsibility of the purchaser, (i.e. puppy cost, crate, shipping charges, health certificate)

The object of our breeding program is to strive for the best labrador retrievers possible.  We are in pursuit of excellence at all times.  We show our dogs in obedience, the conformation ring and enjoy agility.  We spend a great deal of time training and caring for our dogs and try to keep the number of dogs to a minimum in order for us to concentrate all our efforts on the dogs we own.  We are not a "fast food" for puppies.  We generally only breed our dogs when it is necessary to fund our showing efforts or we need a new showing prospect.  It is not our intentions to fill the world with more unwanted dogs.  We do not sell puppies to backyard breeders and if you are a breeder and wish to have one of our puppies for breeding or showing you will have to sign contracts and be expected to get hip, elbows and eye certifications before breeding the puppy purchased from us.


BOARDING:  All breed boarding for both long and short term.

STUD SERVICE:  Labrador retriever stud service.  We currently have one champion yellow male at stud and two champion chocolate males. Check out the Boys page below for more information. 

TRAINING:  We offer elementary, pre-novice, novice and AKC's Canine Good Citizen training.  We offer free obedience and agility training for all 4-H children within driving distance of Bedford County, Tennessee.  Classes are at the Ag center in Shelbyville.  Call for information on classes.  We offer free information about house breaking, etc.

For more information on any of the above services, please call or e-mail.  cchaseslabs@united.net



Are provided upon request.  

VETERINARIAN:   ROBERT WEST, DVM     (931)389-0449





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